Making .cgi files executable via your FTP client is a fairly simple process. Although each of the popular FTP clients for Windows and Macintosh do CHMOD, each does it a little differently.

Please select which FTP client you are using to display screenshots of where to locate CHMOD and how to use it. If you do not see your client here, please refer to its documentation on CHMOD, "setting file permissions", or "UNIX permissions".

WSFtp (Windows)
CuteFTP (Windows)
SmartFTP (Windows)
Fetch (OS 9)
Fetch (OS X)

Note that you will need to login via FTP to your Personal Webspace area and move into the folder/directory on the server that has the file you need to update. (Changing permissions on your local PC won't make the same change to the server). makes no claim of fitness to purpose, nor any specific or implied warranty with regard to software. is in the business of selling internet connections, not software. Please read each vendor's privacy policy, disclaimers, and license agreement prior to installing or downloading any software. You may also choose not to use this software and obtain your own software and support through commercial software vendors. is not responsible for any loss of data or downtime associated with installing the software.