rvtc.net Tech Support can not help you with Image Maps.

Image Maps allow you to create "active" images. Clicking on different parts of an Image Map will take you to a different page. Image Maps may be used with your Personal Webspace if you follow these instructions.

Create the Image Map

The image that you use can be any image stored in the .jpg or .gif format. You then need to create a map file that tells the server what parts of the image t o make active. See the NCSA Image Map Tutorial for detailed information about the map file structure.

Once you have created the map file, upload it to your Personal Webspace .web directory.

Reference the Image Map

To actually use the Image Map, you will need to add HTML that looks like this to one of your pages:

<a href="map-filename"><img src="image-filename"ismap></a> 

Replace map-filename with the name of the Image Map file, and image-filename with the name of the file that the image is stored in.