Provided below are some commonly used settings that you may require when working on your Personal Webspace:

FTP Settings - For use in uploading your site to our servers via an FTP client
Username: Your username
Password: Your password
Folder: .web

Other Settings
URL: is the address of your site.
Date Path:/usr/bin/date If you are using a script to calculate the date, this is where it is found.
Sendmail Path: /usr/sbin/sendmail If your script sends email, this is the address of the program that will send it for you.

Valid 'Start' (home page) files are:

  You must use one of these names for the default page when you create your website. There is a file called 'index.html' already there when the site is created. That's the 'under construction' page you see. You'll need to delete that file and replace it with a file with one of the above names.

Interpreter Locations:
Perl Path: /usr/local/bin/perl Version: 5.6.0
Python Path: /usr/local/bin/python Version: 1.5.2
C Shell Path: /bin/csh
Bourne Shell Path: /bin/sh
  These are the locations of the various script interpreters should you need the for the purposes of scripting in one of the aove languages.